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Eyed Click Beetle

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Eyed Click Beetle, Alaus oculatus

This following 18 species of Beetles (Coleoptera) have been positively identified at Hilton Pond Center for Piedmont Natural History.

We are just beginning our formal survey of beetles, so please check back later for the results of our work. (Photos and/or other information are available by clicking on underlined common names below.)

NOTE: If you have expertise in Beetle identification and would like to help survey the species at Hilton Pond Center, please contact us at RESEARCH.

GYRINIDAE (Whirligig Beetle Family)
Large Whirligig Beetle
Dineutus carolinus
Small Whirligig Beetle Gyrinus sp.

SILPHIDAE (Carrion Beetle Family)
Carrion Beetle
Oiceoptoma inequale (formerly Silpha inaequalis)
American Carrion Beetle
Necrophila americana (formerly Silpha americana)

SCARABAEIDAE (Scarab Beetle Family)
Japanese Beetle
* Popillia japonica
Hercules Beetle
Dynastes tityus
Green June Beetle Cotinus nitida
Delta Flower Scarab Trigonopeltastes delta

PASSALIDAE (Bessbug Family)
Bessbug (Patent Leather Beetle)
Popilius disjunctus

ELATERIDAE (Click Beetle Family)
Eyed Click Beetle
Alaus oculatus
(photo above)

COCCINELLIDAE (Ladybird Beetle Family)
Seven-spot Ladybird Beetle
* Coccinella septempunctata

MELOIDAE (Blister Beetle Family)
Black Blister Beetle
Epicauta pennsylvanica

CHRYSOMELIDAE (Leaf Beetle Family)
Spotted Cucumber Beetle
Diabrotica undecimpunctata

CERAMBYCIDAE (Long-horned Beetle Family)
Twig Girdler
Oncideres cingulata
Red-headed Ash Borer Neoclytus acuminatus
Spined Oak Borer Elaphidion mucronatum

CURCULIONIDAE (Snout Beetle Family)
Asiatic Oak Weevil* Cyrtepistomus castaneus

LUCANIDAE (Stag Beetle Family)
Giant Stag Beetle Lucanus elaphus

* = Introduced Species

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