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If you're looking for a way to rejuvenate or broaden science and cross-disciplinary learning in your entire school, why not invite Bill Hilton Jr. as your very own Naturalist-in-Residence? Hilton, executive director of Hilton Pond Center for Piedmont Natural History, was twice named South Carolina Science Teacher of Year and was honored as the state's Outstanding Biology Teacher. Each year he conducts highly acclaimed workshops and presentations at schools and informal education facilities across the U.S.

For the Naturalist-in-Residence Program, Hilton will spend four days at your site giving programs and workshops for students and teachers and helping find new and innovative ways to teach science across the curriculum with resources you already have at hand.

The Naturalist-in-Residence Program includes:

  • One whole-school teacher inservice workshop
  • One inservice workshop with science teachers
  • Up to three curriculum-related class presentations or on-site field trips each day (maximum 30 students per group) on topics that may include but are not limited to:
    -- Patience & Perseverance: What Makes a Really Good Scientist--or Science Student?
    -- Be a Backyard (or Schoolyard) Naturalist
    -- Operation RubyThroat: The Hummingbird Project
    -- Hummingbirds & Hamburgers: The Tropical Connection
    -- The Excitement of Ornithology
    -- A Bird in the Hand: The History & Usefulness of Bird Banding
    -- Tales of "The Piedmont Naturalist"
    -- Hunting for Honeyeaters: Keeping Things Hopping on Kangaroo Island
    -- From Saguaros to Sidewinders: The Amazing Arizona Desert
    -- Hummingbirds, Hamburgers, and the Need for Minority Biologists
    -- Meet the Boa Constrictor: Are You a Good Observer?
    -- Meet the Boa Constrictor: Two-and-a-Half Meters of Math & Science
    -- Meet the Boa Constrictor: Twisting Our Way Through English & Social Studies
    -- The Effects of Alcohol: Evolution in Reverse
  • One after-school presentation for the school science club and/or PTO
  • A written evaluation of the school library's science holdings, with suggestions for additions
  • Guidance in involving your school in Operation RubyThroat, an award-winning international and cross-disciplinary project that uses Ruby-throated Hummingbirds to improve science instruction

The Naturalist-in-Residence Program is especially appropriate for elementary and middle schools but is also guaranteed to excite students--and teachers!--in junior high and high schools.

Basic fee for the four-day Naturalist-in-Residence Program within South Carolina and central North Carolina is $1,495, including expenses; additional fees and travel costs may apply for schools outside this geographic area. If you're looking for a good way to use your Eisenhower math & science funds, you can't beat the Naturalist-in-Residence Program. We've also found that local businesses often will underwrite the Naturalist-in-Residence, and that science clubs or PTOs can conduct fund-raisers to help sponsor the visit.

Don't miss this chance to excite your entire school about science! Call (803) 684-5852 or send an e-mail today to EDUCATION and book Bill Hilton Jr. as your very own Naturalist-in-Residence.

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