THIS WEEK at HILTON POND 22-29 February 2000

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  • This week Eastern Bluebirds (Sialia sialis) at Hilton Pond Center have been demonstrating typical early spring behavior as they investigate cavities and nest boxes. There's a box made from an old hollow limb just outside the office window, and a bluebird pair has staked it out (see male at right). They've been taking turns perching on the top of the nestbox and going in and out, perhaps trying to find out if everything fits their notion of a proper place to build a nest and lay eggs. The activity also firms up the pair bond and probably gets the hormones flowing in advance of egg and sperm production. Their first eggs won't be laid for perhaps a month or more--starting too early can lead to failed nesting due to cold weather and lack of insects--but this early pre-nesting activity is still pretty important. (Photo © Hilton Pond Center)
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