Part 10

In closing out the story of the conversion of aerial power to underground service, Hilton Pond Center for Piedmont Natural History reiterates deep appreciation for Duke Energy's willingness to provide for an installation that made the least possible impact. In particular, Henry Wallace--Duke's right-of-way coordinator for the Central Region--spent considerable time explaining to employees of Duke Energy and its subcontractors the importance of taking special care during the entire operation. Because of Henry--and all the receptive workers from Duke Energy, Davey Tree, and Pike Electric--Hilton Pond Center got an environmentally sensitive installation of underground power and will never have to worry again about the impact of maintaining an aerial right-of-way.

Thanks, everyone!

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Just one week after the underground power installation was completed at Hilton Pond Center, the 1,000-foot-long ribbon of red clay already showed signs of regeneration when an early spring rainstorm settled the soil and brought in dead leaves and other organic matter. In the end, the Center not only got rid of its pesky aerial power lines, it now also has an opportunity to study vegetational succession along this new walking trail through the Piedmont woods.


In the weeks following the installation, we made eight trips to the nearby York County landfill and loaded nearly six-and-a-half tons of wood mulch into a small trailer. This mulch was then scattered over the northern half of the underground powerline right-of-way at Hilton Pond Center to prevent erosion and to cover up the red clay that was now at the surface.

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