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  • This Hilton Pond Web site is the best birding and nature page on the Web. --Joe McMahon, Webmaster, Scioto Valley (OH) Bird and Nature Club
  • Bill Hilton Jr. offers incredible photography and interesting articles. Visit this Hilton Pond site. It is a treasure of fabulous photos and fascinating information. --Nancy Maxwell, Stillwater (OK) News Press
  • Your mushroom and fall warbler shots on the Hilton Pond Web site are magnificent. --Brett Walker, Division of Biological Sciences, University of Montana
  • We have reviewed your Hilton Pond Web site for educational relevance and usefulness and our teacher reviewer panel has awarded your site a "Highly Recommended" rating. Schoolzone is the United Kingdom's leading evaluation service for online educational resources. --Philip Collie, Managing Director, Schoolzone.co.uk
  • Pics on your Hilton Pond site are some of the nicest I've seen: Clean and sharp, good highlights and shadows, rich, realistic-looking colors. --Stevan A. Baron, Aperture magazine
  • Your Hilton Pond site, for its content and quality of design and implementation, presents an undeniable excellence that puts it well above the remaining ones, making it worthy of being publicly designated as an example to be followed and as a true knowledge and information source. --CPSnet Web Award Committee (High in the Sky Award)
  • I cannot fully express my pleasure reading your Hilton Pond updates. Be it birds, frogs, bats, or even flowers. Each and every one of your updates is superb. Illustrated, although easily read, they are so distinctly informative. --Olé Post, Branderup, Denmark
  • I want to thank you with a donation for all the enjoyment I've found on your Web site. I'm disabled and on a very limited income, but your work at Hilton Pond is important to me. Please keep posting the articles about plants and birds, bugs, and other animals from your area of the country. --Ardeith in Florida
  • This Hilton Pond Web site offers some truly great nature writing, especially for people unfamiliar with the subject matter! --Eric Eaton, natural sciences illustrator
  • Hilton Pond provides a template for what I think a nature center Web site should be--a place for an on-line visitor to learn about one particular ecoregion. --Burr Williams, Sibley Nature Center, Midlands TX
  • Your photos NEVER cease to amaze me! Their clarity, especially the close-up photos, is breathtaking. I envy your photographic skills and your writing abilities. The words make me feel as if I am there at Hilton Pond and after seeing the photos I can just close my eyes and be in your world. Thank you for your Internet site! --Daphne Holder
  • Each "This Week at Hilton Pond" photo essay is a wonderful episode in the life of a naturalist. Your photography is phenomenal. Thanks for sharing your talents with us. --Dr. Richard Houk, Winthrop University, Rock Hill SC
  • Hilton Pond has one of the most informative and beautiful sites on the Web that I've seen. Congratulations on work well done! --J. Martin, North Augusta SC
  • Your passion for nature and wildlife and willingness to teach others is very evident from the Hilton Pond Web site. Great work! --Bob Burnett, IET MediaWorks, University of California-Davis
  • I work with 7th grade special education students. The kids are working on a bird project for science class. They have to write an in-depth report and make a life-size model of their chosen bird. I have been searching the Internet to help them research their birds and have been to many Web sites. Yours for Hilton Pond is by far the most interesting and full of great information other sites leave out. --Susie
  • Your Hilton Pond Web site is absolutely the best part of my week--every week! Your photographs are extraordinary, so clear and bright. --Nathalie Browne, Martin County (FL) Audubon
  • I just wanted to let you all know how much I enjoy "This Week at Hilton Pond." I am a naturalist in Charleston SC and look forward to each and every issue. I learn so many wonderful facts to share with my school groups and visitors. --Holly H. Blair, Barrier Island EcoTours
  • The Hilton Pond Web site will take me weeks to review. Beautiful layout, classy setup . . . every line is information, every click an adventure. --Anna Chason, Master Gardener
  • Congratulations on your 400th installment of "This Week at Hilton Pond." I just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed reading your photo essays regarding flora/fauna and nature in general. You always make each installment entertaining as well as educational. --Sandy Gianetti, Birmingham AL
  • Your Hilton Pond photographs are astounding and the sharpest I've seen. Superior images, second to nothing. Each newsletter is received as a gift to my inbox! Thank you again! --Laurie Dirkx, Upstate NY
  • From "This Week at Hilton Pond" I receive more information that is directly helpful to me--and to plants and animals whose habitats I share--than from any other source. --Merike Tamm, Spartanburg SC
  • Thank you for your wonderful Hilton Pond site! I have gleaned much needed info from it. I have a 20-year-old daughter with disabilities who enjoys it a great deal, particularly the photographs, which are beautiful. Your photos bring joy into her life. --Bernadette H., Ontario, Canada
  • Your "This Week at Hilton Pond" column is so delightful. It is a calm, peaceful escape from technology that presses ever onward. Thanks for your magic view of nature delivered to my desk. It's not only wild things you are saving. --Sandy Adams, Wellesley Hills MA
  • I happened upon your September 2009 article on "Confusing Fall Warblers." This is the best and most useful discussion I have seen on this subject. And your photos on the Hilton Pond Web site are spectacular! --Marilyn Smith
  • I visit the Hilton Pond Web site often. I am confined to my bed and wheelchair all of the time and appreciate the flora and fauna you bring to my bedside. I just wanted to let you know your work is appreciated. --Tawnia
  • Thank you for your wonderful "This Week at Hilton Pond" installments and the important contribution you are making to the environment. Your information inspired me to train as a volunteer natural areas steward with the local park district! --Jennifer Hines
  • On your Hilton Pond Web site I really loved reading not only the description of Luna Moths but the conservationist message of protection you send to young and old alike. --Henry in Texas
  • I always enjoy your Hilton Pond updates. Although I've never had the chance to visit feel like I actually HAVE because of your wonderful narrative. Your Web site is so readable and informative I often recommend it to students and naturalists even though it is outside our region. --Steve Sullivan, Chicago Academy of Sciences
  • Wow, what an adventure on the Hilton Pond Web site! Thanks for your continuing, well-researched, thoroughly planned, completely documented, fully educational, and most beautifully photographed subjects. Thanks for making my day! --Darlene Donowick
  • I just want to thank you for putting such lovely pictures on the Web. I'm handicapped, and can't get out and about as so many in your groups do, but I do love your "window on the world" Hilton Pond Center provides. --Ardeith Carter
  • Your writing style is so pleasant and easy-going, while at the same time being precise and content-laden. As such Hilton Pond is doing something quite rare, based on my perusals of blogs and many other Web sites and periodicals. Your photography is uniformly excellent and you use it to accompany your text with superb effect. --Gordon Dressler
  • Hilton Pond Center has a great weekly photo essay that spotlights different species from banded hummingbirds to songbirds or other animals and plants. They do a great job of teaching and have exquisite close-up photographs! --Wild About Birds Inc.
  • Hilton Pond Center's contribution to our understanding of natural history is enormous. Thank you for your unending and enthusiastic presentation of the natural world! --Fred Schroyer
  • The pleasure your report about the 2013 Nicaraguan hummingbird expedition has given me cannot be measured. I hope you are aware of how therapeutic and helpful the Hilton Pond Web site is for us housebound followers--a service far beyond your initial purpose. --An American expatriate in Nicaragua
  • I know a lot of really smart people and I know a lot of really good writers. I only know a handful of people who are both. Bill Hilton Jr. is one of these rare birds. His Hilton Pond blog is a jewel. Read it! --Paul Howle, The Atlanta Journal-Consitution
  • Bill Hilton Jr. remains the most articulate source I've encountered about science in general and ornithology in particular. --Dr. Roger Bird, Carleton University journalism professor & CBC-TV news editor (Ottawa)

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