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LIST of TOPICS for 2004

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White-tailed Deer, Odocoileus virginianus (1-7 Jan 2004)

Listed below, by date, are nature topics covered in each installment of "This Week at Hilton Pond" for 2004. Click on the date to go to a specific weekly account. You can also use the on-site Search Engine to locate a particular topic.

Each installment includes a list of birds banded that week--usually with stunning color photos--as well as any notable recaptures of banded birds.

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January 2004

  • 01-07--#204--White-tails (Deer)
  • 08-14--#205--Black And White (And Not Red) All Over (Bird Colors)
  • 15-21--#206--Garbage Gulls--NOT "Seagulls"
  • 22-28--#207--First It Rained, Then It Blew, Then It Friz, And Then It Snew (Winter Birds)
  • 29-31--#208--Carolina Bird Club

February 2004

  • 01-07--#209--Pecan-bowling Mice
  • 08-14--#210--M. R. Ducks (Ring-necked Ducks)
  • 15-21--#211--Four Days in Costa Rica
  • 22-29--#212--Five Days In Iowa: GLOBE ONE

March 2004

  • 01-07--#213--Sharp-shin Revisted (Sharp-shinned Hawk)
  • 08-14--#214--Here Come The Ruby-throats (Hummingbirds)
  • 15-21--#215--Signs Of Spring
  • 22-31--#216--An Exceptional Purple Finch Winter

April 2004

  • 01-07--#217--Different Views Of A Dogwood (Flowering Dogwood)
  • 08-14--#218--Carolina Jessamine: South Carolina's State Flower
  • 15-21--#219--Carolina Wren: South Carolina's State Bird
  • 22-30--#220--Yellowbelly Slider (Turtle)

May 2004

  • 01-07--#221--The Birds Of Spring
  • 08-14--#222--Carrion Beetles & Phoretic Mites: Masters Of Animal Decomposition
  • 15-21--#223--Green Frogs (Rana clamitans)
  • 22-31--#224--Pickerelweed

June 2004

  • 01-07--#225--Another Ode To Trumpet Creepers
  • 08-14--#226--"Come Onto My Flower," Said The Spider To The (Hover)Fly (Flower Spiders)
  • 15-21--#227--April Showers May Bring Flowers, But June Rains Make Mushrooms
  • 22-30--#228--Rose Of Sharon

July 2004

  • 01-07--#229--Fourth Of July Fire(Fly)Works (Lightningbugs)
  • 08-14--#230--Beneficial Paper Wasps
  • 15-21--#231--Wild Carrot: Queen Anne's Lace
  • 22-31--#232--GLOBE In Colorado

August 2004

  • 01-07--#233--Swamp Milkweed Revisted
  • 08-14--#234--Hummingbird Nutrition: Nectar Is Sweet But Insufficient
  • 15-21--#235--A Warbler In The 'Hood (Hooded Warbler)
  • 22-31--#236--A Different Mimosa, And Oh, So Sensitive! (Little-leaf Sensitive Brier)

September 2004

  • 01-07--#237--The Hurricanes Cometh Again (And Again and Again)
  • 08-14--#238--Loment Of The Moment: Another Pea In The Patch (Desmodium)
  • 15-21--#239--Holey Squirrels (Bot Flies)
  • 22-30--#240--Saving Schweinitz's Sunflower

October 2004

  • 01-07--#241--The Slow-Paced Bicyclist And A Slower-Moving Turtle (Common Snapping Turtle)
  • 08-14--#242--Hummingbird Highs (2004 Ruby-throated Hummingbird Banding Results)
  • 15-21--#243--Turning Over An OLD Leaf (Deciduous Trees)
  • 22-31--#244--A Bill-Damaged Hummingbird

November 2004

  • 01-07--#245--Bird Feeding Basics
  • 08-14--#246--Spring Peepers Peeping? It's November Already!
  • 15-21--#247--Avian Apocalypse (Cooper's Hawk)
  • 22-31--#248--Imitating Nature

December 2004

  • 01-07--#249--The Passing Of Paco (Boa Constrictor)
  • 08-14--#250--Smooth Sumac Shining In The Warm Winter Sun
  • 15-21--#251--14th Annual York/Rock Hill Christmas Bird Count
  • 22-31--#252--2004 Bird Banding Totals: Better Than Average And A Few Record Highs

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