LIST of TOPICS for 2005

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Adult male Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Archilochus colubris,
feeding on Pochote flowers in Guanacaste Province,
Costa Rica
(1-14 Jan 2005)

Listed below, by date, are nature topics covered in each installment of "This Week at Hilton Pond" for 2005. Click on the date to go to a specific weekly account. You can also use the on-site Search Engine to locate a particular topic.

Each installment includes a list of birds banded that week--usually with stunning color photos--as well as any notable recaptures of banded birds.

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January 2005

  • 01-14--#253--Ruby-throated Hummingbirds In Costa Rica: A Neotropical Connection
  • 15-21--#254--Goldfinches And Thistle Socks
  • 22-31--#255--CSI: Hilton Pond

February 2005

  • 01-07--#256--Winter Warbler: Seed-eating Goldfinch Look-alike? (Pine Warbler)
  • 08-14--#257--Great Blue (Looks Gray) Heron
  • 15-21--#258--Early Morning Wood Ducks
  • 22-28--#259--Trying For Purple Martins

March 2005

  • 01-07--#260--'Twixt Winter And Spring
  • 08-14--#261--Silent Songster (Song Sparrow)
  • 15-21--#262--Muskrat Love
  • 22-31--#263--Not Crickets, But Cricket Frogs

April 2005

  • 01-07--#264--April (Not June) Is Busting Out All Over
  • 08-14--#265--Front Lawn Flowers: Tiny And Overlooked (Part 2)
  • 15-21--#266--Pinxter-flowers Revisited
  • 22-30--#267--Ivory-billed Woodpecker: Once Lost, Now Found

May 2005

  • 01-07--#268--Yes, We DO have White-breasted Nuthatches!
  • 08-14--#269--The Incredible Power Of Split-second Lightning
  • 15-21--#270--Mud Turtles
  • 22-31--#271--Hey! Where ARE The Hummingbirds?

June 2005

  • 01-07--#272--What IS This Bird?
  • 08-14--#273--More And More Bluebirds; This Time, Adults
  • 15-21--#274--More Wandering Finches (Purple Finch Foreign Encounters)
  • 22-30--#275--Where ARE The Hummingbirds? (Part 2)

July 2005

  • 01-07--#276--Hummingbirds In New Brunswick, eh? (National Wildlife Federation Family Summit)
  • 08-14--#277--Downswing In Carolina Wrens
  • 15-21--#278--Spined Oak Borer: A REAL Longhorn (Beetle)
  • 22-31--#279--Appreciating Blue Grosbeaks

August 2005

  • 01-07--#280--Land Between the Lakes (Kentucky)
  • 08-14--#281--Dog Days of August (Canis Major, Weevil, Caterpillar & Chipping Sparrow)
  • 15-21--#282--Dog Days Kinnikinnick (Scape Moths, Trumpet Creeper, Butterflies, Swamp Milkweed, Monarch Caterpillars)
  • 22-31--#283--Ghosts At Hilton Pond (Exoskeletons)

September 2005

  • 01-07--#284--Hidden Hummingbird Secrets
  • 08-14--#285--Hanging By A Toenail (Eastern Pipistrelle Bat)
  • 15-21--#286--An Appreciation For Spiders (Fishing Spider)
  • 22-30--#287--Green Treefrog: Way Out-of-Range?

October 2005

  • 01-07--#288--All Galls Are Divided Into Three Parts (At Least In Goldenrod)
  • 08-14--#289--Audubon's "Extra" Warbler
  • 15-21--#290--Slow Start, Fast Ending for Ruby-throated Hummingbirds

October/November 2005

  • 22-07--#291--Banding On San Andres Island: Are They "Our" Birds, or "Theirs"?

November 2005

  • 08-14--#292--"Stealth" Flies: The Hippoboscids
  • 15-21--#293--Cheeky Little Eastern Chipmunks
  • 22-30--#294--A Dearth Of Birds: West Nile Virus?

December 2005

  • 01-07--#295--Perdita: The "Lost" Rufous Hummingbird
  • 08-14--#296--Mistletoe: Friend Or Foe?
  • 15-21--#297--15th Annual York/Rock Hill Christmas Bird Count (2005)
  • 22-31--#298--2005 Bird Banding Totals: Pretty Much A Bust (Except For Hummingbirds)

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