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LIST of TOPICS for 2001

All text & photos © Hilton Pond Center

Flowering Dogwood, Cornus florida (15-21 April 2001)

Listed below, by date, are topics covered in each installment of "This Week at Hilton Pond" for 2001. Click on the date to go to a specific weekly account. You can also use the on-site Search Engine to locate a particular topic.

Each installment includes a list of birds banded that week--usually with stunning color photos--as well as any notable recaptures of banded birds.

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January 2001

  • 01-07--#53--You ARE What You Eat! (White-throated Sparrow)
  • 08-14--#54--Thin is In for Crustose Lichens
  • 15-21--#55--Identifying the Stubby-tailed Squeaky Toy
  • 22-28--#56--Fresh Ripe Tomatoes . . . In January? (Horse Nettle)
  • 29-31--#57--Termites!

February 2001

  • 01-07--#58--Dressing Down for Winter (American Goldfinch)
  • 08-14--#59--Lichen Lesson #2 (Foliose Lichens)
  • 15-21--#60--Time To Hang Those Bluebird Boxes!
  • 22-28--#61--Last of the Lichens (Fruticose Lichens)

March 2001

  • 01-07--#62--Lonely Spring Wildflower (Violets)
  • 08-14--#63--Trees are Wildflowers, Too! (Eastern Redbud)
  • 15-21--#64--The Hummers are Coming! The Hummers are Coming! (Ruby-throated Hummingbird)
  • 22-28--#65--Whither Went Our Winter Finches? (House Finch, Purple Finch, American Goldfinch & Pine Siskin)
  • 29-31--#66--March Madness: The Attack of the Tent Caterpillars

April 2001

  • 01-07--#67--Buffalo Birds (Brown-headed Cowbirds)
  • 08-14--#68--Taming of the Shrew (Southern Short-tailed Shrew)
  • 15-21--#69--Have You Seen The Flower On A Flowering Dogwood?
  • 22-30--#70--Tending Their Flocks By Night--And Day (Ants & Aphids)

May 2001

  • 01-07--#71--Twice Named Wrongly (Blue-eyed Grass)
  • 08-14--#72--International Migratory Bird Day 2001
  • 15-21--#73--Here's Looking At You: The Eyed Click Beetle
  • 22-31--#74--It's A Boy! It's A Girl! And A Boy, And A Girl, And a Boy, And . . . (Praying Mantis Egg Case)

June 2001

  • 01-07--#75--Birds Do It. Bees Do It. Even Educated Fleas Do It (Cloacal Protuberance & Incubation Patch)
  • 08-14--#76--Pipsissewa
  • 15-21--#77--Bats In Our Belfrey (Big Brown Bat?)
  • 22-28--#78--Pee-yew, Must Be A Stinkhorn! (Mushroom)
  • 29-30--#79--A Week Of Banding Milestones

July 2001

  • 01-07--#80--July Holiday (Huntington Beach State Park, SC)
  • 08-14--#81--A Quiz On Connections (Caterpillar)
  • 15-21--#82--Swamp Milkweed
  • 22-28--#83--Great White Hummingbird (Leucistic Ruby-throated Hummingbird)
  • 29-31--#84--Japanese Beetles . . . All Bad?

August 2001

  • 01-07--#85--Cussing Like A . . . Chat (Yellow-breasted Chat)
  • 08-14--#86--More Bird Cussing, This Time By Juvenile Delinquents (Chimney Swift)
  • 15-21--#87--Drought at Hilton Pond: The King's Pinnacle Effect?
  • 22-31--#88--Trumpet Creeper: The Hummingbird Magnet

September 2001

  • 01-07--#89--Katydid . . . Katydidn't
  • 08-14--#90--What's That Purple Flower?
  • 15-21--#91--Puckery, Pleasurable Persimmons
  • 22-30--#92--Where Are You From, Madame Goldfinch?

October 2001

  • 01-07--#93--The Wrong Season For Bird Nests (Bird's-nest Fungus)
  • 08-14--#94--Its Hiss Is Bigger Than Its Bite (Black Ratsnake Hatchling)
  • 15-21--#95--Now You See It, Now You Don't (Rough Green Snake)
  • 22-31--#96--Showing Off Our Mussels (Eastern Elliptio)

November 2001

  • 01-07--#97--Rufous Hummers Aren't Supposed To Be Here
  • 08-14--#98--You Can't Depend On Calendars (Dark-eyed Juncos)
  • 15-21--#99--Santa Comes Early, On The Wings Of A Hummer (Rufous Hummingbird)
  • 22-30--#100--Taking A Breather

December 2001

  • 01-07--#101--First South Carolina Record Of A Buff-bellied Hummingbird
  • 08-14--#102--Puffballs
  • 15-21--#103--A Teeny Tiny Hummingbird (Calliope Hummingbird)
  • 22-28--#104--2001 York/Rock Hill Christmas Bird Count
  • 29-31--#105--2001 Bird Banding Totals (Hilton Pond Center)

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